Moving Blues

Avoid the Moving Blues

Moving to a new home can be a stressful time for pets.

An unfamiliar place filled with box upon unpacked box can be overwhelming, but you can help your pet acclimate quickly and safely with a few simple steps.

Microchip Your Pets

Be sure to microchip dogs and cats or update your microchip contact information in case your pet accidentally wanders off and gets lost.

Refuge for Pets

For dogs, consider boarding or daycare during your move. For cats, try confining them to a “refuge room” while packing and unpacking. Play soft music or other white noise to distract your cat from the commotion of moving.

Welcome Pets Into a New Home

Unpack familiar pet items first such as beds, bowls and toys to help your pet feel more at home.

Ready to Go

If possible, bring your pet into your new home with everything already unpacked and arranged. Having familiar furniture in place helps things feel less hectic and more settled.

Let Pets Explore

If you have a dog, spend extra time walking around your new neighborhood together so that he can identify the new smells and begin learning where his new home is located.

Be Prepared

Even Fido and Fluffy can suddenly fall ill or become injured.

Find the 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital nearest your new home and create an emergency plan.

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