Should Your Veterinarian Be Involved in Your Pet Insurance Policy?

Personal Insight from Nationwide's Chief Veterinary Medical Officer

Carol McConnell, DVM

Dr. Carol McConnell

Nationwide pet insurance policies are designed by veterinarians, with veterinary practice in mind. We believe that the relationship between a pet owner and veterinarian is the foundation of a long healthy life for a pet and we have intentionally created products that foster this relationship. We know that people trust their veterinarian and we want to make sure that veterinarians can trust Nationwide pet insurance.      

Our goal is to leave medical discussions and all of your pet’s treatment decisions between you and your veterinarian. Having a Nationwide pet insurance policy should financially help you follow your veterinarian’s recommendations. 

Pet Insurance and the Veterinary Staff

Nationwide pet insurance regards all members of the veterinary staff (from receptionists, to veterinary technicians and veterinarians) as valuable resources for helping you understand and get the most out of your Nationwide pet insurance policy. Since Nationwide pet insurance is the nation’s oldest and largest pet insurance company, many veterinarians and their clinical staff are familiar with the company.

“Our goal is to leave medical discussions and all of your pet’s treatment decisions between you and your veterinarian.”

The last thing veterinarians want to add to their busy schedules is insurance paperwork. Out of respect for their time and professional expertise, we make every attempt to simplify the pet insurance process and keep your pet insurance policy between you and Nationwide.

Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine is a science with many complex medical terms. This can sometimes confuse the average pet owner when filing a claim or seeking to understand insurance benefits. Veterinarians and their staff can provide assistance in properly and thoroughly filing a claim.

Education and Resources for Veterinarians

Veterinarians and their clinical staff members have special access to Nationwide pet insurance’s Veterinary Services Department, where they can submit treatment records, request a claim review and discuss the medical nuances of a policy with someone trained and experienced in veterinary care.

Additionally, Nationwide pet insurance employs a team of pet insurance specialists, who are veterinary technicians themselves, to visit veterinary hospitals across the country and teach veterinarians and hospital staff how Nationwide pet insurance policies enable their clients to make optimal health care decisions for their pets.

Dr. McConnell is chief veterinary medical officer for Nationwide pet insurance. After unexpectedly developing allergies to animals while in small animal practice, Dr. McConnell decided she could continue to contribute to the veterinary field by improving companion animal health through practice management and pet insurance. Her goal is to empower pet owners to make optimal health care decisions for their pets.

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