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Critical Healthcare Choices for Your Pet Made Easier

Whether he needs critical or preventive care, you want to make the best choices for your pet’s health without treatment cost being a factor, right?

As advances in both veterinary care and veterinary expenses increase, more pet owners are relying on pet health insurance to aid them with their decision making.

The Case of the Curious Dog

Have you ever thought a walk in the neighborhood could suddenly go wrong?

Thunder, a three-year-old Alaskan husky, was on his usual walk when he passed a fenced yard normally occupied by a barking dog. The fence had missing boards and some holes in it. On this day, there was no barking and curiously, Thunder stuck his nose through one of the holes. To his surprise, the dog was quietly waiting on the other side and bit him. His dad rushed him to the veterinarian, where he was anesthetized and received five stitches on his nose to treat deep cartilage damage.

Thunder pulled through without a problem, and so did his parents. Using their Nationwide pet insurance policy, they were reimbursed $191 of their $267 veterinary bill.

From minor incidents to serious injuries and routine care, you can count on VPI when you need us most.

Have Policy, Will Travel

It’s true: you can travel with your Nationwide pet insurance policy.

Jake’s dad knew this when they took a trip to Montana. On the second day of their outdoor adventure, the four-year-old black Labrador stepped on a sharp object, tearing the web of his paw. When Jake’s foot swelled and emergency first aid failed, his dad drove him to the closest veterinarian—27 miles away. Jake needed surgery; however, the veterinarian was unavailable so they drove another 80 miles to a veterinarian who immediately performed the surgery.

Nationwide pet insurance reimbursed Jake’s family $110 of their $172 veterinary bill. Jake and his Nationwide pet insurance policy still travel with his family.

Our Policies Work for You

You can manage the cost of your pet’s veterinary care with a Nationwide pet insurance policy.

Even better: our policies don’t have a lifetime cap. You get up to $14,000 a year with a Nationwide pet insurance Major Medical plan. Our policies come with a complete benefit schedule listing the reimbursement allowances available to you during your policy’s one-year term.

Allowances are categorized and itemized by diagnosis (e.g., Fractures) and treatment (e.g., Splint). The full reimbursement allowance is available every time your pet suffers a new, unrelated injury, less your $50 per-incident deductible.

You, Your Pet & Nationwide Pet Insurance

Your pet plays an active role in your life, whether you’re warming the couch together, chasing balls on the beach or even traveling on vacation. From minor incidents to serious injuries and routine care, you can count on Nationwide pet insurance when you need us most.

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