Pet Health

10 Most Common Puppy Incidents
Data reveals afflictions.

10 Reasons Your Dog Has Diarrhea
Simple solution or serious issue?

10 Seasonal Dangers to Outdoor Pets
Take safe measures to prevent winter hazards.

6 Signs Your Dog is Healthy
How to know your dog is thriving.

5 Extreme Winter Hazards to Pets
Protect dogs and cats during blizzard conditions.

5 Groundbreaking Treatments for Aging Pets
Medical options can extend quality of life.

5 Most Common Summertime Pet Ailments
Take steps to protect dogs and cats.

5 Painful Conditions for Cats
Common ailments often go unnoticed.

5 Painful Conditions for Dogs
Understanding when your pet is in hurting.

5 Signs to Never Ignore in Pets
Subtle indicator could mean a serious medical condition.

5 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Pets
Health benefits for dogs and cats.

5 Warnings About Pet Halloween Costumes
Cute outfits can be dangerous.

5 Ways to Keep Pets Healthy
Preventive care can make a difference.

5 Ways to Keep Pets Safe on Halloween
Potential hazards can be scary.

Addison's Disease in Dogs
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Allergic Reactions to Pet Vaccines
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Alternative Therapies for Dogs
Acupuncture, massage and chiropractic are popular options.

Alternate Dog Treats
Seasonal summertime options for Fido.

Benadryl and Pets
Drug is used to treat allergic skin disease among other symptoms.

Bordetella and Pets

Vaccination required for boarding helps prevent kennel cough.

Bunny Basics
Caring for your new rabbit.

Cancer in Avian and Exotic Pets
Detecting and treating pet cancer.

Cancer Treatment for Dogs
‘Palladia’ used to treat mast cell tumors.

Canine Influenza
Fast-spreading virus leads to infection.

Canned Pumpkin for Dogs and Cats
Potential benefits revealed.

Caring For Avians
Husbandry essentials for your birds.

Caring for Reptiles
Cold-blooded pets need specific care.

Cat Arthritis
Painful condition often overlooked.

Cat Food Recall
Nutro announces dry food is tainted.

Cats and Hairballs
National awareness sheds light on potential problem.

Cherry Eye and Pets
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Congenital Pet Defects
From a veterinarian's perspective.

Cool Summers for Pets
Protect dogs, cats, birds and exotics from the heat.

Cruciate Ligament Tears and Dogs
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Cushing's Disease in Pets
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Dog Bone Danger
Veterinarian warns of potential hazards.

Dog Hip Dysplasia
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Dog Litter Separation
When to safely separate puppies from the litter.

Dogs and Sunburn
Fur does not block sun.

Feline Asthma
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Foreign Body Ingestion Threatens Pets
Understanding the dangers from a veterinarian's perspective.

Foxtails and Pets
Foreign body is an outdoor threat.

Geriatric Pet Care
Dogs and cats living longer, healthier lives.

Heartworms and Cats
New study reveals disease is not just for dogs.

Hot Car Danger to Pets
Tragedy is preventable.

Hyperthyroidism and Cats
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

K9K Walk Raises Nearly $30,000 for Animal Cancer Foundation
Pets and their owners walk for a cure.

Keeping Pets Healthy
Resolve to keep your pet healthy year-round.

Kitten Care Basics
Simple steps to care for your new kitten.

Leptospirosis and Pets
This flu-like disease is on the rise and can become deadly if not treated in time.

Lyme Disease in Dogs
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Parvovirus and Dogs
Deadly virus can spread quickly.

Pet Allergies
For many animals, it’s a life-long issue.

Pet Cystitis
Is your dog displaying signs of cystitis—an increasingly common bladder condition affecting dogs?

Pet Ear Infections
Otitis externa is a common pet ailment.

Pet First Aid Kit
Be prepared to in an emergency.

Pet Gastritis
An irritated stomach is a common reason for veterinarian visits.

Pet Grooming
Curb smelly pets, dander, and allergies.

Pet Kidney Failure
Disease is common health problem for cats.

Pet Nutrition: Life Stages
Dogs and cats have different needs.

Pet Obesity Danger
A leading cause of poor pet health can be easily avoided.

Pet Osteoarthritis
Dogs suffer the most.

Pet Skin Allergies
Atopy one of the top insurance claims. 

Pet Skin Conditions
Skin irritations most common in dogs.

Pet Spas
Prepare your pet and avoid pet spa mishaps.

Pet Vaccinations 101
An overview for pet owners.

Pet Vaccines
Understanding vaccines from a veterinarian's perspective.

Pets and Rabies
Important facts pet owners should know.

Pets and Tapeworms
One more reason to use flea prevention.

Pets Fighting Cancer
Understanding pet cancer from a veterinarian's perspective.

Pets Swallow Household Items
Socks, underwear, rocks and balls can harm your pet.

Pets With Diabetes
Condition common in dogs and cats.

Prevent Fleas
What you need to know to keep your pets bug-free.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy in Pets
Quick facts from a veterinarian.

Rattlesnake Vaccine for Dogs
What pet owners should know.

Raw Food Diet for Pets
Benefits versus risks.

Removing Ticks from Pets
Six steps to rid dogs and cats of parasite.

Reptile Brumation
Cold weather initiates hibernation.

Spaying and Neutering Pets
Common surgical procedure has health benefits.

Stem Cell Treatment for Dogs
Revolutionary treatment helps ease arthritis.

Stomach Bloat is Life-Threatening to Dogs
‘Marley & Me’ glosses over serious medical condition.

Top 10 Cat Medical Conditions in 2015
Common ailments revealed by insurance claims.

Top 10 Dog Medical Conditions in 2015
Data reveals common maladies.

Top 10 Pet Surgeries
Pet owners pay a hefty price for treatment.

Top 10 Reasons Pets Visit Vets
While waiting at the veterinary clinic with your anxious pet, do you ever wonder why everyone else and their pets are there?

Top 5 Holiday Dangers to Pets
Preventive measures can save pets.

Vitamins for Pets
Should pet owners supplement pets’ diets?

Why Cats Really Vomit
Behavior may indicate a serious issue.

Winter Heartworm Prevention
Cold weather does not protect pets from parasite.

Your Pet Ate What?
Most unusual foreign object ingestions revealed.