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Receive a 5% group discount on coverage from Veterinary Pet Insurance.
  • Freedom: Visit any veterinarian, even specialists and emergency providers
  • Flexibility: Choose the coverage that's right for your pet and your budget
  • Savings: Save more when you enroll multiple pets
  • Guarantee: 10-day, 100% money-back guarantee

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How Pet Insurance Works


Visit Any Veterinarian
With the convenience of our portable policies, you can visit any licensed veterinarian worldwide. Simply pay for treatment at the time of service.


Submit Your Claim
Fax or mail our easy-to-use claim form along with your invoices. Once we’ve received the information, you’ll receive confirmation that your claim is being processed.


Receive Reimbursement
After meeting your policy’s deductible, you are reimbursed according to your plan’s benefit schedule allowance or the eligible invoice amount, whichever is less.

Compare Plans

Rate discounts apply to the base medical plan only. Pet owners will receive an additional 5% multiple-pet discount by insuring two to three pets or a 10% discount on each policy for four or more pets.

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