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  1. Sir Knuckles da Dragon
  2. HotRod Whoofington
  3. Captain Underpants
  4. Stinky Monkey
  5. Taco Salad
  6. Dallas Cowdog
  7. Hunk Heartbreaker
  8. Ice Bingbing
  9. Potato Chip
  10. Bunny Money Dogg
  11. Bacon Bitz
  12. Otterpop
  13. Winnie The Poodle
  14. Chue Man Foo
  15. Doppler Effect
  16. Tutu Blossom Petunia
  17. Nacho Dog
  18. Eight Days A Week
  19. Heart Of Gold Digger
  20. Hank The Tank
  21. Super Awesome Dude
  22. Dinky Doodle Loose
  23. Rainbow Brave Seeker
  24. Lil Bella Puffnstuff
  25. Okey Dokey
  1. Never Say Never
  2. Fortune Cookie
  3. Reese Buttercup
  4. Rico Suave
  5. Buttercup Smoochie
  6. Casino Jack
  7. Prince Harry Houdini
  8. Punky Brewster
  9. Twisters Mojo
  10. Ugly Betty
  11. Night Panda
  12. Voodoo Magic
  13. Reign Supreme
  14. Yankee Doodle Danny
  15. Yosemite Sam
  16. Biggie Big Bucks
  17. Doodles Sweet Hart
  18. Happy Butterscotch
  19. Max The Moose
  20. Robocop
  21. Bobo Monster
  22. Dark Desert Dolly
  23. Astro Boy
  24. Baby Bam Bam Bono
  25. Daffy Duck
  1. Cheeto Burrito
  2. Fuzzbutt
  3. Mama Pajama
  4. Lady Fluffington
  5. Nut Job
  6. Stinky Baby
  7. Doctor Whiskers
  8. Rum Tum Tugger Too
  9. Fatness
  10. Pizza Guy
  11. Catsanova
  12. Christofur
  13. Wanksta
  14. Agador Spartacus
  15. Kitten Kaboodle
  16. Chubby Checkers
  17. Squatter
  18. Claude Chicken
  19. Eight Ball
  20. Poopie Boy
  21. High Jinks
  22. Inspector Gadget
  23. Midnight Stalker
  24. Mister Little Jeans
  25. Pumpkin Head
  1. Sassie Ruff Puff
  2. Avon Purrsdale
  3. Eskimo Pie
  4. Flapjack
  5. Que Ball
  6. Dizzy Heart Cow
  7. Sherman Fuzzy Wuzzy
  8. Bailey Irish Cream
  9. Cowabunga
  10. Glamor & Grits
  11. Pepper Diablo
  12. Wendy Wondercat
  13. Whiskey Tubby
  14. Jazzy Boo Boo
  15. Dong Dong
  16. Candy Cane
  17. Luckie Charm Bueno
  18. Pattycakes
  19. Hop Along Cassidy
  20. Rainbow Bright
  21. Razzle Dazzle
  22. Winter Boots
  23. October Sky
  24. Sexy Lady
  25. Peek-A-Boo

Featured Wacky Pet Names

Story Image

Officer Piccadilly

One might think the name Officer Piccadilly refers to someone in the fire department, police department or military, but Susie Iacobucci of Cleveland, Ohio, based her miniature pinscher’s moniker on an inside joke from her college days.

“The name fits him great, actually, despite the fact that he's neither firefighter nor Dalmatian,” said Susie. “He really lives up to his ‘Officer’ title, and likes to be in charge. Plus, he just looks like an Officer of the Law.”

Susie advises pet owners that are having difficulty selecting a name for their furry friend to choose a moniker that they can’t imagine yelling in true anger when their pet misbehaves. “It's not easy to take yourself seriously when you're screaming, ‘Bad Officer Piccadilly,’” she said.

Officer Piccadilly was rescued from a shelter in Columbus, Ohio that recommended pet insurance for miniature pinchers due to their reputation for being fragile. Fortunately, her pooch has avoid any serious mishaps thus far.

“Officer Piccadilly is an exception to pretty much every rule, so far,” said Susie. “He hardly ever gets sick (even though he eats everything under the sun!), he's never had any major medical issues (yet, fingers crossed!), and he is much sturdier than a purebred MinPin.”

Susie Iacobucci
VPI Policyholder since 2007

Story Image

Felix Thunder Paws

When Winifred de Ceuninck van Capelle of Des Moines, Iowa, found her purrfect feline in the pet store, she immediately decided on the name Felix because he reminded her of Felix, the black and white kitten from the European Purina commercials of the 1990s. Unfortunately, Felix soon became very ill and refused to eat, causing him to lose weight.

“After a visit to the veterinarian he was diagnosed with a respiratory infection,” said Winifred. “He soon healed up and we made sure he ate whatever he could so he would be back to his normal self again. Soon, however, he became overweight – a whopping 21 pounds! It never stopped him from being a playful kitten, faster than the speed of light; hence he earned the name Felix Thunder Paws, as our downstairs neighbors thought we were harboring rhinos in our apartment.”

Felix Thunder Paws seems to enjoy the lengthier (and appropriate) new moniker. However, Winifred reports that Felix may have an identity crisis as his typical behavior more resembles a dog than a cat.

“He must sit or lie on us whether it is on the couch or in bed,” said Winifred. “He also plays fetch, and he absolutely loves having his belly rubbed, the more the better. He'll roll around as you do it, purring loudly. He also licks us a lot. Wait…are we sure Felix Thunder Paws is a cat?”

Winifred de Ceuninck van Capelle
VPI Policyholder since 2013