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Tip #61: Buy Pet Insurance Online

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Pet insurance is quick and easy to buy online. You can check out the different policies and riders that apply to your pet, get quotes on how much your insurance will cost and even get questions about pet insurance answered.

Tip #62: Dog Insurance

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If you're the proud owner of a new puppy, one of the things you can do to ensure your pet is in good health is to purchase dog insurance as soon as possible. There will always be healthcare issues with your new puppy, from annual vaccinations to spaying, neutering or unexpected illnesses. Dog insurance helps defray most of these costs, ensuring you can always afford to take your dog to the vet when he needs care.

Pets 10 and under may be issued a new insurance policy, albeit it is always recommended to enroll pets while they're young so that the premium is lower and any pre-existing conditions are not an issue.VPI Pet Insurance offers several different dog insurance plans to choose from, including a basic plan that covers accidental injuries, emergencies and illnesses, all the way up to the WellCare Protection rider that helps defray the cost of expenses for routine checkups as well as most healthcare procedures.

Dog insurance makes sense for pet owners who are concerned about the health of their pets.

Tip #63: Natural Pet Meds


Natural pet medications help us maintain the health of our pets. However, natural and holistic remedies are not FDA approved and there is little guidance or regulation on how they are manufactured and distributed. If you want to use natural pet medications for an illness you should check with your veterinarian to make sure you are doing the right thing.  Your veterinarian may have some suggestions as to the types of natural pet medications that would be best for your pet. 

There are many veterinarians who have a special interest in alternative medicine such as acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation and natural and holistic medicines. Check with the local veterinary association for practitioners who have a special interest in this field of veterinary medicine. As with any supplement or pet medication you should also be sure the natural pet medications come from a high-quality pet store that guarantees the quality of their products.

Tip #64: Online Pet Medications

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Before you consider buying pet meds online, make sure you're dealing with a reputable site that guarantees its products and ensures they are not generic equivalents to your pet's medication. Many pet medications require a prescription from your veterinarian before they can be purchased online. Never treat your pet without consulting your veterinarian first. Your veterinarian is uniquely qualified to identify and treat your pet’s illness. Your veterinarian can prescribe generic pet medications, but you should never substitute generics on your own without consulting your veterinarian first. Also, before clicking "Purchase" make sure you compare the online price to your veterinarian's. You might be surprised to discover your veterinarian's rate is less, or, that they'll price-match the online rate.

Tip #65: Pet Health Insurance


Don't assume that because you have an exotic pet you can't get pet health insurance to help cover his healthcare costs. There are pet health insurance policies to cover just about any pet, from birds to pot bellied pigs and sugar gliders. Rodents, lizards, snakes, even goats and turtles can get coverage.

Pet healthcare insurance offers coverage on basic and emergency health care in a variety of situations. It can help save you money if your pet suddenly becomes ill or has an accident. Pet health insurance is a good idea for all pets, because owning a pet can be expensive and unforeseen medical expenses can be difficult to cover on your own. Invest in pet health insurance for your pet ... even if he isn't the most common pet on the block!

Tip #66: Pet Medicine

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Not all pet insurance plans cover pet medicines that are necessary for your animal’s healthcare. Before you choose a healthcare plan, find out if it covers routine and emergency pet medicine or if there is an extra charge for these services.

VPI Pet Insurance plans have the option of reimbursing costs for pet medicine, both preventative and emergency. VPI does not require policyholders to purchase additional coverage for prescriptions; prescriptions given for conditions covered are reimbursed through their full-medical plans. Preventive care, or routine care coverage, is optional. Pet medicine can be just as expensive as human prescriptions, so don't ignore this vital part of your pet insurance! 

Tip #67: Pet Medicine and Travel

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It's best to stock up on your pet medications if you need to travel with your cat or dog. Anticipate an extended time away from your favorite veterinarian by getting double the supply of dog medications or cat medicine you might normally need for the duration of your trip. This is especially helpful if your travel plans get altered by bad weather, transit strikes, or other issues that can force you to wait out a travel cancellation. Don't forget that holiday travel is especially difficult since pharmacies close or go into holiday schedules which could prevent you from getting refills on important medications.

You may be able to do without minor animal medicine, but you should never miss a dose of critical medications. Does your pet get carsick? Don't forget to anticipate the stress of travel on your cat or dog even if they are fine with short trips in the car. The disruption of their routines can be very stressful and cause unexpected nervous stomach symptoms. Don't forget to include all paperwork and pet prescription information when traveling across borders. You'll need the documentation in order to properly clear customs.

Tip #68: The Right Pet Insurance for Your Pets

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Not all pet insurance policies are created equal. Check each policy's benefits before you invest. Some pet insurance companies cover emergency procedures and illnesses but don't cover regular checkups. Others cap the amount they will pay per year or per illness, which can be devastating if your pet is severely injured or suffering from a major illness such as cancer.

Look for pet insurance plans that are flexible and allow you to add coverage as you need it, from basic plans to wellness plans that cover just about anything that could happen to your beloved pet. VPI Pet Insurance offers pet insurance plans for almost any pet, large or small, and they offer riders that cover countless aspects of pet health care. Before you invest in pet insurance, shop around for the best price and the best coverage.

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