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Tip #9: Activites with Your Pet

Dog runs with Frisbee

The benefits of joining your pet in activities are twofold: it’s a great way to bond with your pet, and both of you get healthy physical exercise.

"Pet activities" could mean taking your dog for a walk or jog, on a family camping trip, or to the park to retrieve the tennis ball or Frisbee. It could mean buying or making fun toys for your cat—one of the best is as simple as a string or piece of long fabric tied to the end of a stick that you twirl over the cat’s head. Tossing a ball stuffed with cat nip will drive your cat crazy, and you may soon find you’re having as much fun in playtime as he is.

Puppy kindergarten and professional puppy training classes are an excellent way to socialize your puppy with other animals. These classes also help you learn how to train your pet to be a good citizen. Well-behaved dogs are a joy to their owners and others they meet.

In addition, teaching your pet tricks can be a fun and rewarding activity. Teaching your dog tricks is exciting and intellectually challenging for him. Some tricks, such as “heal,” “sit” and “down” are basic commands every obedient dog should know. Others, like barking on command, rolling over, “sit, wait and finish” and “shake” are more fun than they are necessary for obedience.

When teaching your dog tricks, it’s important to be patient and reward him by using positive reinforcement. An enthusiastic “Good dog!” and a pat on the head will go a long way. There are a lot of good resources out there to help you teach your pet tricks. Ask your local obedience school for guidance; search online for helpful Web sites ( is a good one) and for books at the bookstore. The title of the book The Only Dog Tricks Book You’ll Ever Need says it all.

Tip #10: Common Pet Names

Dog looks over edge

Why is it that you hear some pet names more often than others? The top pet names for males are Max, Buddy and Lucky, while the top pet names for females are Molly, Riley, Lucy and Maggie. Other common names are Buster, Lady and Bailey.

Pet names give your pet a real identity, so whether you choose a common name or select a unique one, choose a name that your pet can respond to and understand easily. Search the Internet for a list of pet names or check out books at your local bookstore or library for even more ideas for the perfect pet names.

Tip #11: Dog Names by Breed

Labrador retriever puppy

Face it, if you have a toy poodle, "Killer" may not be the most appropriate name, and if you have a Rottweiler, "Chi Chi" probably isn't the right fit either. Luckily, there are plenty of Web sites that offer the perfect names for specific dog breeds, making it much easier to choose the right dog name for your new pet.

It makes sense to choose a breed-specific dog name because it will reflect your dog's temperament and personality traits. You'll also begin to bond with your dog once you decide on a name. Not only will the name mean something special to you, your new pet will soon identify himself by it and answer with happiness and devotion.

Tip #12: How to Choose Pet Names

Labrador retreiver and cat sit outside

A lot of thought can go into naming your pet. After all, you will be calling out the name you choose for years to come. Before you pick one out, think back on pet names you’ve heard in the past that appeal to you. Have you always wanted a dog named Sparky? Go for it. Picking out your new pet’s name can also be fun experience for your family, especially young children. Keep in mind that some names may be difficult to pronounce or enunciate clearly, making it a little harder when you're calling your dog across the park.

Names like "Bo" or "Mo" sound a lot like "No," so if you choose such a name, your pet may become very confused when you're attempting to train or control him. Most pets understand one or two syllable words more easily than longer words, so choose a name that's easy to say and easy on the ear.

Tip #13: Pet Horoscopes and Pet Names

Aries astrological sign

Some people consult pet horoscopes to learn what personality type their cat or dog may fit into, which can be helpful if you're struggling to pick a dog name or cat name. Does your dog show off aggressive "Aries" traits? A bolder dog name would be a good match for this type of pet. Is your cat a passive "Gemini" pet? A dog name picked to suit the personality of your animal feels more fitting and natural.

The descriptions and corresponding pet horoscope traits may vary from source to source, but using them as a pet personality guide can help you put your cat or dog's personality into the right context for picking out the right name. Some Web sites recommend trying out a variety of names on your cat or dog, but this can confuse the poor animal, especially when you have a kitten or puppy. Try to pick a good pet name early on and stick with it.

Tip #14: Picking Cat Names


If you’re having trouble picking out cat names, think outside the box. For example, do you have a favorite movie you love to watch again and again? Choose the name of your favorite character. Maybe you’re a sports lover: name your cat after a beloved team or player. The possibilities are endless!

Tip #15: Pet Zodiac

Zodiac symbol

Some people have trouble bonding with their pets in the beginning stages because they don't understand animal behavior or personality types.

Pet horoscopes are a fun way to learn about cat behavior, the origin of common cat names, and other pet trivia. You don't have to believe in astrology to get insight on bonding with your cat; you'll find plenty of useful information at pet horoscope sites on how cats express themselves, how they respond to affection and why they react the way they do.

When trying to bond with your cat, you should approach the animal on its own terms. Cats are independent creatures and don't respond to training or socialization the same way a dog would. The average house cat is not a pack animal, while dogs need the social structure of a pack to give them a sense of belonging in the family. If you have trouble bonding with your cat, a pet horoscope could help you better understand his feline behavior.

Tip #16: Unique Pet Names


Unique pet names can be your own creation, or you can surf the Web to find one. Look for sites that not only offer unique pet names, but offer information about what the name means as well. For example, you may not immediately choose the name "Derward" for your dog unless you knew it meant "guardian" in Old English. The same goes with "Delvin," unless you knew it meant "godly friend."

Unique pet names can come from anywhere, but the most important thing is that they create a strong bond between you and your pet. Anyone can choose a common pet name, but choosing a unique one that resonates with you will create a loving bond with your animal.

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