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Dr. Justine Lee  

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Humorous and Knowledgable Insight to Common Pet Questions

Each week, Dr. Justine Lee, a veterinary emergency critical care specialist and an author of two popular books on pets, addresses some of the quirkier issues that puzzle pet owners. Read Tips

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Cat is held by veterinarian

Pet Health

Some of the best things you can do to keep your pet healthy for years to come include hairball prevention, maintaining your pet's healthy weight, providing routine dental care and recognizing the signs of health.

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Dog and cat

Adopting a Pet

What's the difference between an animal sanctuary and a rescue group? Will your children get along with a new pet? What can you expect at your local animal shelter? Make sure you know before you adopt a pet.

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Cat eats kibble

Pet Care

Taking care of your pet and his needs are your responsibility, including regular exercise, proper nutrition, choosing the right vet, and identifying your pet in case he gets lost. There are even ways to cut your annual pet costs.

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Choosing a Dog Breed

Before you adopt a dog, it's important to know what type of breed would be best for your lifestyle. How do you choose the right puppy? Where can you learn about dog breeds and their history?

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Shar-Pei dog sleeps

Dog Care

Your dog's health and well-being are your responsibility, including finding the best bed, buying safe chew toys, regular grooming, routine dental care, pain management and doggy day care.

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Orange tabby kitten

Cat Care

Your cat’s health and well-being are your responsibility, including dental care, preventive flea treatment, grooming, geriatric needs and much-needed TLC.

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Orange tabby kitten

Dog Grooming

All dog grooming isn't created equal. There's home grooming, mobile grooming services, grooming classes, a plethora of grooming products, plus different breeds have different needs.

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Orange tabby kitten

Bonding with Your Pets

What types of activities can help you bond with your pet? Having a hard time coming up with a unique pet name? Can your pet's horoscope tell you a thing or two about his personality?

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