The Real Cost of Pet Ownership

How Much Is That Puppy In The Window, Really?

Man and his dog

Did you know you’ll probably spend upwards of $20,000 on your pet during his lifetime?

This may be hard to believe, but it's true.

For The Love Of Your Dog

Paws on this for a moment: A young puppy at a local shelter may cost just $100, but you could end up shelling out the equivalent of a down payment on a house if he lives up to 12 years. Surprised?

You’ll Pay Whatever It Takes, Right?

You know caring for your pet throughout his lifetime can be expensive—which is a good reason to enroll him with a Nationwide pet insurance policy while he’s young. A Nationwide pet insurance policy can save you a hefty chunk of change each year through reimbursements for eligible veterinary expenses such as illnesses, accidents and preventive care. You love your pet; wanting to provide him the best care comes naturally—with a Nationwide pet insurance policy it becomes easy.

You Spend More Than You Realize

Let’s break it down for you: the average annual cost for owning a dog is $2,084, while cat owners pay an average of $1,318. Expenses include veterinary care, boarding, grooming, food and treats, toys, training, collars and leashes.* Would you have guessed that veterinary care is more than half of those expenses? And that doesn’t even include over-the-counter medications and other supplies!

The average annual cost for owning a dog is $2,084, while cat owners pay an average of $1,318.

Our Policies Work for You

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You can manage the cost of your pet’s veterinary care with a Nationwide pet insurance policy. Even better: our policies don’t have a lifetime cap!

Our policies come with a complete benefit schedule listing the reimbursement allowances available to you during your policy’s one-year term. Allowances are categorized and itemized by diagnosis (e.g., Fractures) and treatment (e.g., Splint). The full reimbursement allowance is available every time your pet suffers a new, unrelated injury, less your per-incident or annual deductible, depending on which plan you select.

Your Reimbursements Are Easy

All you have to do is pay your veterinarian at the time of service, fill out a simple, one-page Nationwide pet insurance claim form with your pet’s diagnosis and treatment, then fax or send the claim form to Nationwide pet insurance for processing. A check for eligible expenses will then be sent to your home.

Start Saving Today

Take advantage of our 10-day, 100% money-back guarantee today and start controlling your veterinary costs. Receive your free no-obligation quote or enroll your dog or cat in pet insurance online or contact one of our licensed pet insurance specialists at 888-899-4VPI.

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*According to the 2013 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (AAPMA).

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