Multiple Pet Households

Benefits for Both Owners and Their Pets

Group of dogs relax outside together

The increase in multiple pet households is an indicator of how important pets have become in our lives. According to statistics from the 2013-2014 American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, nearly one-half of all dog owners own cats, and nearly one-half of all cat owners own dogs. As more people open their homes to pets, they’re becoming aware of both the health benefits of four-legged companions and the benefits of the pitter-patter of multiple sets of paws around the house.

More Animals, More Companionship

Having more than one pet means you reap the benefits of additional companionship, whether it’s petting another fuzzy head at the end of the day or making room for another four-legged friend on your bed at night.

Not only does having more than one pet benefit you, but your other fuzzy friend benefits by having company when you’re away from home. It also helps alleviate any guilt you may feel leaving your pets at home when you’re working late hours or running errands.

Piper and Baloo are VPI employee pets who live together

More Pets = More Playmates

A cat or dog that is home alone can easily become bored without interaction from another furry friend, and act on their natural instincts to be naughty when they don’t have a distraction. Having an extra set of paws around during the day allows your pets the opportunity to play and chase each other, and have some fun, too.

Not only does having more than one pet benefit you, but your other fuzzy friend benefits by having company when you’re away from home.

Pets Help Socialize Each Other

Ty and Sly are VPI employee pets

If you have a pet that is shy or timid around other people or animals, adding another pet to your home can help socialize your apprehensive pet, helping to modify his behavior and make him more outgoing. Also, having another pet helps teach your pet to share toys, territory—and most importantly—your attention.

Helps To Ease the Pain

Having multiple pets in your home can help alleviate some of the pain should one of your pets pass away. Having another pet around during such sad times not only provides a sense of comfort, but can also help serve as your own personal support group.

Multiple Pets, Additional Savings

Remember, owning multiple pets is a choice that requires time, effort and responsibility. Nationwide pet insurance offers policies for dogs, cats, birds, reptile and other exotic pets, with multiple-pet discounts for families with two or more pets. Want to learn more? Click here.

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