Pet Owner Topics

10 DIY Projects for Pet Owners
Get creative for your dog and cat.

10 Gifts for Pet Owners
With this variety, there’s something for everyone.

10 Hottest Gadgets for Pet Owners
Practical, fun and innovative.

10 New Year's Resolutions for Pet Owners
Readers share their dedications.

10 Pet Photography Tips
Capturing candid shots can be easy.

3 Interesting Tips About Dogs
Vet expert offers insight to common questions.

3 Quirky Questions About Dogs
Vet expert sheds light on oddities.

5 Best Apps for Pet Owners
Techy must-haves can enhance daily life.

5 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair
Rigorous testing reveals hairball busters.

5 Cool Summer Gadgets for Dogs
Products offer safety measures.

5 Dog Grooming Tips
DIY for keeping dog coats sleek and shiny.

5 Far Out Doodads for Pets
Tickle your pet’s fancy with an unusual gift.

5 Gadgets for Your Pet's Wellbeing
Unique products offer remedies.

5 Heroic Dogs
Actions saved owners’ lives.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling with Pets
Savvy travelers are less stressed.

5 Must-Dos Before Boarding Pets
Boarding basics for pet owners.

5 Natural Disaster Tips for Pet Owners
Be prepared to keep pets safe.

5 Solutions for Litter Box Issues
Quick tips for cat owners.

5 Tips Before Buying a Pet as a Gift
Be prepared before making a decision.

5 Tips for Finding Lost Pets
Simple steps to expedite your search.

5 Trendy Dog Houses
Here are five of the trendiest dog houses bound to pamper your pooch.

5 Ways Dogs are Like Reindeer
History reveals commonalities between species.

5 Ways to Dump Pet Poop
New solutions facilitate the call of doody.

5 Ways to Prepare Pets for El Niño
Be proactive, not reactive.

5 Ways to Show Pets Appreciation
Simple ideas for dog and cat owners.

7 Reasons to be Thankful for Pets
Reasons to celebrate our furry friends.

9 Tips for Choosing a Pet Sitter
Advice on selecting one who’s right for you.

Best Pet Photography Tips for Holiday Cards
Expert tips for festive pics.

Can Dogs Smell Cancer?
Dogs can learn to smell disease.

Can Pets Donate Blood?
Dogs and cats save lives through transfusions.

Canine DNA Testing
A veterinarian's explains how it works.

Car Safety for Pets
Expert tips for driving with pets.

Car Safety Restraints for Dogs
Recent study reveals safety flaws.

Choosing a Veterinarian
Who's right for you and your pet?

Declawing Cats
A hot-button topic for owners.

Dog-Fighting Laws Get Teeth
Public outcry sparks change.

Dog-Friendly Cities
San Diego, Colorado Springs and Portland are top choices.

Dog Grooming
Choosing a "hair" style for your dog.

Dog Parks
Make playtime all bark and no bite.

Dog Sweaters
Pet fashion spans budget and style.

Dogs May Help Boost Infant Health
Study shows pets offer protection against respiratory infections.

Finding Love at the Dog Park
Must love dogs (and me).

Fisher-Price Unleashes New Pet Toys
Classic-inspired toys now available for dogs.

Fun Facts About Pets
Tidbits of triva you might not have known.

Genetic Testing for Pets
Identifying and reducing inherited diseases with tests.

Giving Pets Medicine
Easy solutions for unwilling pets.

Grief Counseling For Pet Owners
Support groups discuss the loss of pets.

Guide Dogs
Working dogs navigate for those in need.

How Much Does it Cost to Bury a Pet?
Pet owners choose between cremation and burial.

July 4th Pet Safety Tips
Make your pet's celebration risk free.

Microchipping Pets
Pet owners have a direct link to pets.

Misconceptions about Black Cats
History gave this feline a bad rap.

Most Wanted Dog Carriers
Haute couture accessories for doggy divas.

Multiple Pet Households
Benefits for both owners and their pets.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day
5 ways to keep pets safe—and cute.

Pampered Pet Bedding
Fun or practical, a bed is something your pet needs.

Pet Boarding Fire Safety
Kennel pros offer advice.

Pet Charities
Which charity is right for you? Suggestions on how to become involved.

Pet Disaster Preparedness
Keeping your pets safe in catastrophic situations.

Pet Doors
What to know before buying a pet door.

Pet Fire Safety
Take safe measures before your home is threatened.

Pet Food Poisoning: One Year Later
New FDA regulations are in place.

Pet Parties
Simple tips for planning a celebration.

Pet Trust Funds
Emotional connection increases demand for action.

Pets and Floods
Pet victims suffer displacement and health risks.

Pets and People
Exploring the human-animal bond.

Pets and Senior Citizens
Pets help the elderly live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Pets as Medicine
Pets help to improve overall health.

Pets: Fact or Fiction?
Myth versus reality.

Police Dogs
Working dogs: K9 crime fighters.

Presidential Pets
Celebrate presidents—and their pets.

Save Your Grass from the Dogs
Fighting “female dog spot disease.”

Summertime Pet Travel Tips
Make it a fun experience for Fido, too.

Taking Dogs to Work
More companies welcome dogs at work.

Top 10 Cat-Friendly Cities
Which of the nation’s cities provide the best TLC?

Top 10 Gifts for Dogs
Spoil your pooch this holiday season.

Top 20 Hot Topics for Pet Owners
Most popular articles in 2015.

Top 5 Pet Travel Tips
Smart solutions for pet owners on the move.

Traveling with Pets
Things to know before hitting the road.

Veterinary Expenses for Portuguese Water Dogs
How much will President Obama spend on the "First Dog"?

What Does Your Cat Say About You?
Cats and owners may share similarities.

What Does Your Dog Say About You?
Dogs and owners may share similarities.

Your Pet's Carbon Paw Print
Ten ways pets impact the environment.

Pets and people can share germs.