Wackiest Cat Names 2010

Pet Owners Describe How They Named Their Cats

For many a cat owner, Fluffy sounds mundane and Morris is simply boring. In order to pay homage to those who take pride in their pets’ unconventional names, VPI Pet Insurance set out for the third year in a row to find the 50 most unusual cat names in the United States. VPI employees selected 50 unusual cat names from the company’s database of more than 485,000 insured pets, and narrowed them down by voting for the most unusual cat names.

Here, the most popular pet-naming winners reveal how they came up with such quirky names for their cats.

Purr Diem

Purr Diem

Besides her name, Purr Diem has quite a few unique traits. She likes to hide under the newspaper, carry around bottle lids for games of “paw soccer” with her sister Motley Screensaver, and she likes to shake hands with her right paw. Ultimately, it’s her unique purr that inspired her unusual name. “Purr Diem has a very unique echo-type of purr,” says Nancee Darling. “Her purr is quick and often. She gives her ‘daily purrs’ whenever she is held in safe arms.” Nancee notes that she usually greets Purr Diem with a “Hi, Purr,” which very appropriately sounds a lot like Purr Diem’s other defining trait: hyper.



Kathy Phillips was “kitty less” when a friend asked if she would be willing to help care for a couple of abandoned local kittens. It didn’t take long before Kathy fell in love with and adopted the pair of tabbies. As the primary guardian for the young felines, Kathy set out to find the perfect pair of names. “I wanted names that went together and I wanted a name with ‘Cat’ in it. I thought of Cleocatra first, and then came Neferkitty.” Cleocatra has earned the nickname “Cle-cloud” for her amazing jumping ability and love of being airborne. In addition to her creative name, Cleocatra provides creative inspiration for Kathy’s fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who frequently use Cleocatra the Flying Cat as a character in their creative writing assignments.

Admiral Pancake

Admiral Pancake

The pet adoption agency told Alison Mann that her new kitten had been found on a boat. As a tribute to his nautical origins, she dubbed the rowdy feline “Admiral.” Alison, who also cares for a cat named Lemon, wanted to stick with a food theme for her cats’ names and decided the addition of “Pancake” would be fitting for the new kitten. “His full name is actually Admiral Pancake Esteban,” says Alison. “Sometimes we also call him Panquistador.” Alison reports that Admiral Pancake has lived up to his name, and while he is the youngest of her three cats, he fights hard to be the boss. Oh, and he loves pancakes.

Optimus Pants

Optimus Pants

Starlight Mundy thought the name Pants was a cute, endearing name for a new kitten, but kittens grow up, and she knew that eventually Pants would need a more masculine moniker.

“I hang out with a lot of nerds, and I like "Transformers", so I was thinking, Optimus Prime is a badass. How about Optimus Pants?”

According to Starlight, Optimus Pants is well loved and regularly ventures out to say hi to neighbors. Every now and then he will return with a freshly killed bird.

“The name absolutely fits,” says Starlight. “He’s a scrapper. He’s tough.”

Boo Manchu

You don't look for Boo Manchu. When Boo Manchu wants to be found, Boo Manchu will find you. According to Michelle Mowen, her all-black cat loves to wait in dark corners and under shrubs before pouncing on unsuspecting spiders, butterflies, and even people. "He has a beard like Shakespeare and a character worth more than a thousand words," says Michelle. "To us he strongly resembles the odd fictional character and tricky mastermind Fu Manchu." In his spare time, Boo Manchu enjoys wrestling with the family's new puppy and pondering how to get into the cockatiel cage.

Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff

Chenoa Azure Marshmellow

People often tell Erika Libby that her white Himalayan looks like a “Fluffy.” While that may be true, Erika believes a good pet name has to provide more than just a physical description. “I like names that are different, names with meaning,” says Erika. “People really like Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff, and they never forget it.” According to the baby name book Erika has used to name all five of her cats, Chenoa means “white dove.” Azure is the color of Chenoa’s eyes and Marshmellow Puff refers to her long white coat. Erika says the unusual name fits and matches some of Chenoa Azure Mashmellow Puff’s unusual talents, such as her ability to chirp like a bird.

Senor Nachos

Senor Nachos

Everyone likes a birthday card, especially if it's addressed to Senor Nachos. "People love the name and always laugh," says Kristin Provencher. "It's fun to be waiting at the veterinarian's office and hear his name called. The can never get through saying 'Senor Nachos' without laughing." Kristin rescued Senor Nachos from a shelter when he was 4 months old. The shelter had named him Titan, but Kristin thought the kitten with big whiskers and a poofy tail had more personality than the name Titan. "He has super soft slick fur and markings that make it look like he has a mustache and a goatee," said Kristin. "Senor Nachos fit him perfectly!" Kristin reports that Senor Nachos acts more like a dog than a cat. He snores while sleeping and often makes sound effects when running or jumping through the house.

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