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Pet Owners Describe How They Named Pets

After years of tracking the most popular names for pets, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance, set out to find the most unusual cat and dog names from among its more than 465,000 pets insured nationwide.

Here, a few VPI policyholders reveal how they came up with such quirky names for their pets.

Toot Uncommon

Toot Uncommon

Wendy Moritz and her husband insure both of their Egyptian Maus cats with Veterinary Pet Insurance. Not only are they aficionados of this particular naturally-spotted feline breed, but they are also fond of Egyptian lore. “The famous Egyptian King Tutankhamun (King Tut) was found and unearthed in the 50’s and consequently was a very popular figure in the 60’s,” explains Wendy. Considering her fascination with the likes of King Tut and Cleopatra, naming the brother and sister Maus pair was a no-brainer. She named the bronze male “Toot Uncommon” and his sister Cleocatra, both witty variations of the iconic names.

Wendy admits that he typically isn’t called by his full name unless he’s been mischievous. More often than not she calls him by Tooty. “Having two Egyptian Maus with historical Egyptian names benefits us at the veterinarian,” adds Wendy. “When I call our local clinic and give their names, they immediately know what cats I’m talking about.”

Rosie Posie Prozac

This 18-year-old domestic shorthair was given a unique name that blends the brain power of Rebecca and her ex-boyfriend. Insisting that Rebecca’s cat had a penchant for neurotic behavior, he coined her Prozac after the popular anti-depressant drug. Although Prozac sort of ‘just stuck’, Rebecca wasn’t satisfied with that moniker. She adored the name Rosie, but was also fond of her friend’s sister’s name, Posa. Not being able to choose one over the other, she morphed them into a rhyming combination, Rosie Posie, and kept Prozac at the end. “I didn’t think she was a crazy cat like my ex did; I rather considered her my little anti-depressant who brings me extreme joy when I’m feeling down,” explains Rebecca.

Rush Limbark

Rush Limbark

The radio was on when Buena Silverman left her dogs in the car to run a quick errand. When she returned, she found the dogs attentively sitting in the front seat and listening to Rush Limbaugh. The scene was so hilarious that Buena decided the next dog she got would bear a name in honor of the conservative radio talk show host. It wasn’t long before Rush Limbark joined the family, and, true to his name, took to listening to Rush Limbaugh. “We joke about the fact that he is a conservative canine,” said Buena. Rush, a Hurricane Katrina rescue, is in training to get his Therapy Dog International license. According to Buena, he’s already developed an ability to sniff out republicans.

Edward Scissorpaws

A group of stray kittens would congregate in the back parking lot at Celeste Weidig’s workplace and enjoy free food and water put out by the employees. One particular feline in the bunch caught her attention – a grey kitten that Celeste just had to bring into her home. Naming her new pet didn’t come easy, but she was leaning toward ‘Kitty Kitty Kitty’ until two days into adopting the feline. While playing with her newfound, unnamed cat, Celeste received a swift scratch right underneath her eye. Returning to work the next day, a co-worker prodded her on the reason for the obvious wound. “My kitten scratched me. Yeah, Edward Scissorpaws did this,” retorted Celeste. Hence, a moniker was born. When it becomes cumbersome to call him by his full name, she’ll abridge it to Eddy, but she’s content with the name that produces eye rolls and laughs from her friends. “Eddy has since been declawed in the front, but he’s still got his hind scissors!"

Low Jack

Low Jack

It was only fitting that this bulldog/corgi mix would take name reflecting his primary attribute. “If you could see him you’d know how he got his name,” said Lisa Lazarro. “He’s low.” With short legs and a big body, Low Jack is quite a contrast to Lisa’s other dog Ziggy, a tall, lean greyhound mix. Lisa adopted Low Jack from a shelter, where he had been given the name Lojack. She considered giving him the name Tank, or Bulldozer, but she liked the way Lojack seemed to fit. She changed the name to Low Jack in order to more fully capture his impressively low stature. Lisa said she has been stopped in public and asked about the name. Most people agree – no other name would fit quite like Low Jack.

“I got tired of going to the dog park and seeing five dogs come running when someone would call for Max,” said Lisa. “I’m the only one who calls out for Low Jack!”

Lisa Lazarro changed the name of her bulldog/corgi mix to Low Jack in order to more fully capture his impressively low stature.

Peanut Wigglebutt

Peanut Wigglebutt

Christine Edwards wanted a dachshund. She grew up with dachshunds and when it came time for her to get a dog of her own, she had no doubt it was going to be a dachshund. Finally, the day came to visit a new litter and pick out the dog that would become hers. Every puppy was accounted for except the runt. Christine looked at the small puppy and said, “Oh, look at the little peanut.” At that, the puppy’s tail started wagging so hard that she fell over. “Peanut Wigglebutt it was,” said Christine. “She’s got a crooked tail, funny spots, and the personality of five dogs.”

Peanut Wigglebutt, or Princess Peanut Wigglebutt, as she’s sometimes called, soon became a star. At the veterinarian’s office, the groomer and around the neighborhood, everyone knows her name. And when she gets excited, she still has trouble keeping her balance. “I like to find the name that fits a dog’s personality,” said Christine. “I had neighbors that named a red dog Red, a brown dog Brown and a black dog, Blackie. I could never do that!”

Sophie Touch & Pee

Some pet owners may have considered it a behavioral problem, but Bobbi Dobler found her new golden retriever’s habit a bit endearing. “She just got so excited that every time you touched her you had to watch your shoes,” said Bobbi. Sophie Touch & Pee became both a name and warning. “People usually step back when they hear her name,” said Bobbi. One early victim of Sophie’s sensitive bladder: her veterinarian.

“I warned him, but he insisted on lifting her up over his head,” said Bobbi. “He won’t do that again.” Abrupt urination was only one of Sophie Touch & Pee’s unique traits. Instead of barking, she turns around in circles, sometimes until she falls over. The veterinarian told Bobbi that Sophie Touch & Pee would outgrow some of her unusual behavior. Even though she has gained some much needed bladder control, Bobbi’s has no plans to change the name that has made Sophie Touch & Pee a favorite among friends and neighbors.

Admiral Toot & Sparklemonkey

Admiral Toot and Sparkle Monkey

“The only pet owner with names on both the canine and feline lists, Tahlia Harrison came to her pets’ unusual names in very different ways. Upon visiting a rescue shelter, she was introduced to two dogs named Puddle and Toot, after characters in a  series of children’s books. Tahlia liked the name Toot, but adopted Puddle. Shortly after, she changed his name to Toot. Tahlia said the name lacked a certain “manly” feel, so she started also calling him The Admiral. Soon, it just became Admiral Toot.

When a group of feral kittens took up residence in Tahlia’s backyard, she took action with her landlord to get the cats spayed, neutered and in responsible homes. One of those kittens became Tahlia’s own. “She was basically a feral cat, and she would shoot up the trees like a little monkey,” said Tahlia. “I started to call her Monkey, and I don’t really know where the ‘Sparkle’ came from, maybe because she has sparkly eyes.” Admiral Toot and Sparklemonkey always make an impression with Tahlia’s guests, who agree that the pair couldn’t be named any better.”

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