First Aid For Your Pet

Be the First to Aid Your Pet

Even Fido and Fluffy can suddenly fall ill or become injured. It’s important to stabilize your pet before getting him to a veterinary clinic. Some simple first aid measures can provide a necessary and life-saving remedy until medical help can be reached.

Stay Calm

Don't panic. When you're calm, so is your pet. Also, you’ll be able to accurately describe the accident and your pet’s symptoms to your veterinarian, who can then better assess his condition.

Focus on Fido

As you prepare to take your pet to the clinic, ask someone else to call your veterinarian. Now you can focus on administering first aid, such as applying direct pressure to a wound to help stop the bleeding and/or assessing the best way to move your pet without causing further pain or injury.

Handle with Care

Carefully restrain an injured pet not only for your safety but for his as well; even the friendliest of pets can bite or scratch. Muzzle a dog unless he is unconscious, has difficulty breathing or has a mouth injury. Use an E-collar or a carrier for cats; muzzles can inhibit their breathing and create additional distress.

Your Veterinarian Knows Best!

Whatever the situation, if you suspect your pet is ill or injured, don't hesitate to take him to your veterinarian. The earlier the problem is identified and the appropriate treatment is started, the better the outcome will be.

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