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Riley got a new leash on life

When marathoner Dari Passarello noticed that her golden retriever, Riley, had a slight limp, she never imagined that her favorite running partner would end up needing surgery for advanced arthritis—at the young age of 4.

Thanks to her coverage from VPI, "the only thing I needed to focus on was getting my dog better," says Dari. "It provides you with a level of comfort knowing that you're going to be able to do the best that you can for your animal without cost being a consideration.”

The Passarello family
New York, NY
VPI policyholder for 7 years

SAVED $9,841
SAVED $2,390

Tala is a regular at the pet hospital

Like most dogs, Tala has been in and out of the veterinarian's office for many incidents, ranging from kennel cough to bladder infections. The Chinese crested's most recent trip came during a bout of severe vomiting and diarrhea. Fortunately, she recovered quickly.

For her parents, a pet insurance plan is a peace-of-mind investment. "[I]t was not only the savings but also to feel protected in case of any accidents," explains Emilio. "VPI has helped with everything from minor health issues and common illnesses to having her spayed. Trust me on this one, you will feel much better if your pet has health insurance."

The Smeke family
West Hollywood, CA
VPI policyholder for 3 years

Duncan is a lifelong VPI'er

For the Rosses, VPI Pet Insurance has always been an integral part of their West Highland white terrier's life. "This is Duncan's tenth year with a VPI policy and VPI has always partnered with me for Duncan's health," says his pet parent, Nicki.

Duncan's policy has certainly been put to good use over the years, from wellness visits and chronic skin allergies to surgeries for gum disease and to remove a foxtail from his foot.

"I would recommend starting with VPI when your pet is young and continue on through its life," says Nicki. "We love our animals like family and sometimes things happen and no one wants to be in a situation where they can't afford to care for them and be faced with an unthinkable alternative."

The Ross family
La Jolla, CA
VPI policyholder for 11 years

SAVED $4,854
SAVED $5,139

Ozzy and Bella inspire their mom to help other dogs

Boston terriers Ozzy and Bella are more than just adorable dogs—they're also the inspiration behind Hereta Cervantes's tireless work with pet rescue Boston Buddies.

"They are the reason I feel so strongly about helping out dogs and being so involved with our rescue group," Hereta says. "Every day they inspire me to want to do so much more for all dogs."

As a dedicated rescue volunteer, Hereta is well aware of the multitude of medical problems pets can face. She protects Ozzy and Bella with VPI.

"I recommend VPI to a lot of people," she says. "It gives me peace of mind knowing that both of my dogs are covered."

The Cervantes family
Burbank, CA
VPI policyholder for 7 years

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Jermaine had inoperable cancer

After Jermaine had a large hemangiopericytoma removed, it grew right back. The veterinary oncologist said the new tumor was inoperable, but felt that radiation was worth a try....

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"VPI has been amazing," says Jermaine's pet parent, Courtney. "They have paid for the majority of my dog's medical bills. Without VPI, I don't know if we would have been able to get the treatment Jermaine needed."

Courtney adds, "One last thing, they sent in a donation in Jermaine's name to the pet cancer research fund, and when I saw that, I cried. I am sooooo thankful I have chosen them to insure my boys."

Courtney E.
Pittsboro, IN
VPI policyholder for 4 years

Zigra blew out her knee

When Zigra tore her ACL while playing in the snow, her pet parent, Andrea, was hesitant about putting the 9-year-old Bernese mountain dog through surgery. On the other hand, she didn't want her beloved Zigra on long-term pain medication, either.....

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Andrea opted for the surgery. "I put her policy to great use and I thank you for the reimbursement and ease of filing the claims," she says. "It is great to know that when I needed help and Zigra too, that our VPI policy was there to provide it."

Andrea M.
Mount Pleasant, MI
VPI policyholder for 5 years

Lady ate a needle

When Lady was just 12 weeks old, she found a pincushion to play with—unbeknown to her pet parent, Judy.....

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Judy rushed her young German shepherd to the vet, who found the needle on an X-ray. "Dr. Smith recommended that we try to save her, and thank goodness he did," says Judy. "All is well that ends well! Lady survived and VPI paid about 80% of the bill."

Judy W.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
VPI policyholder for 10 years

A real-life Mulligan stew

When Mulligan stopped eating and began vomiting uncontrollably, his pet parents took him to see the vet. Turns out, the bulldog had eaten two baby pacifiers and needed emergency surgery to save his life....

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"Your service has been a lifesaver figuratively for us, but literally for Mulligan," say his pet parents, Adam and Kristin. "We couldn't be happier."

Adam and Kristin
Sanford, NC
VPI policyholders for 3 years

The second time was no charm for Aussie

True to her Lab nature, Aussie has a tendency to eat everything in sight. She ate two bra hooks, which required surgical removal from her intestine. All was fine until the eighth day, when she needed a second surgery. This time, a piece of sock had caused a blockage....

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Turns out, Aussie's puppy brother had eaten the bra hooks and sock first, then passed them without incident. "Aussie had a taste for 'recycled kibble' and ingested her brother's stool," says her pet parent, Andrea. "The fabric didn't pass quite as easily the second time around."

Needless to say, Andrea is glad she had pet insurance coverage for Aussie: "Thanks to VPI both surgeries were covered and made a very stressful time a little easier to handle."

Andrea D.
Harrison Township, MI
VPI policyholder for 4 years

Harley got a second chance

After Harley was diagnosed with a malignant hemangiosarcoma, doctors estimated he had about three months to live. But thankfully, things began looking up after he received treatment....

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"The powers that be have allowed me to have him around longer," says Harley's pet parent, Rich. "He appears to be holding his own and I am very happy about that."

Rich adds, "I have never been disappointed in any reimbursement I have received from VPI and when I call, the representatives are very helpful. I recommend VPI to all my friends who have pets that are very dear to their family. It makes decisions a lot easier knowing the financial burden of vet bills are covered."

Rich and Judy M.
Rochester Hills, MI
VPI policyholders for 10 years

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